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History of Golf - The Beginnings in Scotland



It would nice to start by saying that the history of golf is in some way shrouded in mystery. Although there is a little disagreement about whether vaguely similar stick and ball games (Chloe from Belgium and Kolven from Holland) influenced golf, few doubt that the modern game is a direct descendent of a game that began to be played in the Kingdom of Fife during the 15th Century. In essence, the early players in the history of golf would hit a pebble around the sand dunes and tracks using a crudely crafted stick or very basic club. The ingredient of course that was missing from Chloe and Kolven is part of the very definition of golf - the hole!

Scotland Bans Golf

The fascinating thing is just as Scotland is the mother and father of golf, for a time it also banned golf. The ban was during the middlepart of the 15th Century as Scotland prepared to defend itself against an English invasion. The word is that many people in Scotland became so obsessed with golf (and football) that they neglected the task of acquiring the military skills that would be required if the English were to be driven back. Thus in this period in golf history (1457) the Scottish Parliament of James II quite literally banned the game. Although the ban was restated in 1470 and 1491 its popularity continued to grow - the Scots simply ignored the ban!

Golf Becomes A Sport of Kings

Every thing was to change in 1502 when not only did James IV (James I of England) lift the ban, he took up the game himself. Golf history was in the making.

Golf Holidays in Tenerife

Golf in England in the summer is great. Most can still enjoy it in the Spring and Autumn but the depths of Winter can be a bit too much! By contrast you can play golf in Tenerife all year round. In the high summer months of June, July and August day time temperatures soar and so that at these times play is largely restricted to early morning and late afternoon . Apart from the summer though, Golf in the Sun on Tenerife is fabulous. Golf accomodation is very inexpensive and can be of a very high standard. Golf del Sur is the South Tenerife's premier course.

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